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About Alexa

After many years of living in multiple cities across our beautiful country, Alexa is thrilled to be home on Vancouver Island and offering her legal services to the Cowichan Valley. Through her travels, Alexa has learned first-hand that change is hard, but it doesn't have to be scary.

Buying or selling a home, planning for the future, and mourning a loved one are deeply personal life experiences. Alexa is honoured that this job calls upon her to share in these sacred moments and to provide a foundation to help folks in making some of life's biggest decisions. 

It has been Alexa's mission while developing her legal practice to help create a new vision of the lawyer-client relationship; one built on common ground, familiarity, and trust. In doing so, Alexa works hard to ensure you feel you are meeting with a friend - one who just happens to have the tools to help demystify some of those big life decisions.

Alexa isn't just a lawyer! She is devoted to her friends and family scattered across B.C., Ontario, Québec, Newfoundland, and the Prairies. In her free time, you'll find her taking country drives around the Island with her husband, parents, and siblings, enjoying regular outings to local restaurants and wineries, and exploring nearby trails before coming home to warm up with her two kitties.

Alexa understands how important a sense of reliability is in these challenging times. It's her hope that when you meet with her and the fantastic Stonebridge family, you will be able to breathe a little easier knowing you're in good hands.

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