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Direct Line: 250-597-2416

Main Line: 250-737-3319


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About Penny

Penny grew up in Sidney and moved to Vancouver shortly after high school, having “stumbled” into a job in the typing pool at a law firm.  Yup, actual typewriters and carbon paper.  She worked her way through the ranks at the firm and, in her early 20s, decided she wanted to become a lawyer – largely because her boss' corner office looked like something she should aspire to.  She continued to work at the firm while putting herself through undergraduate and law school at UBC and eventually articled at the same firm, becoming a lawyer in 1990.

Penny has always followed her own path.  After the law firm merged twice and grew and grew, Penny found herself no longer comfortable working in the culture of a large downtown law firm so she went out on her own.  For 20 years she managed her own law practice, building trusted, long-term relationships with clients and associates, many of whom became and remain friends.

In 2012 Penny gleefully returned to the Island to pursue a lifestyle more evenly balanced between career, recreational pursuits, and involvement in the community.  She and her husband, Ron, were drawn to the Cowichan Valley because of the burgeoning food and wine scenes and being surrounded by nature. They are passionate about local, sustainable food production and supporting local farmers and producers.  The Duncan Farmers' Market has become a large part of their social network and connection to the community. 

Penny loves being connected to her community and assisting clients with both new and established businesses, buying or selling businesses, ensuring they have the proper structure in place from startup to succession as well as managing their ongoing legal needs.

Recognizing the importance and rewards of volunteering, Penny has been either actively involved or on the Board of a number of community-oriented organizations.  She is currently on the Board of the Cowichan Green Community and has been a supporter of this organization since arriving here.  She served on the Board of the Duncan Cowichan Chamber of Commerce from 2015 to 2019. 

Penny loves living by and being on the ocean, whether it's kayaking, rowing, or boating. And she can be found every Sunday hiking in the woods with friends.

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