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Probate & Estate Administration


How we can help

The passing of a loved one is difficult no matter how prepared you may feel. If you are named as an executor in a will,  it can be even more challenging. You might feel overwhelmed or lost with all of the tasks that come along with that job. We are ready to be by your side and help you through each step of the way. 

Our estate administration services include the following:

  • advice and representation for executors 

  • apply for probate on behalf of executors

  • sales of estate assets and property 

  • assisting when a person died without a will, aka intestate

  • distribution of estate funds to beneficiaries

  • liaising with accountants for estate tax filings

  • notifying estate creditors

There is a lot happening with each and every estate. We are here to handle the legal side of things and make sure you don't miss any steps. 

Our Lawyers in this Area:​


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